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Airbnb Host + Home Staging Design Coaching Course

Main core of this course

What can you gain from the course?

Here I will guide you step by step on this wonderful journey , and help you avoid pitfalls in the design and operation of houses for renting and selling. There are many detailed step-by-step guides in this systematic course, which can prevent you from going further in the wrong direction alone, and help you quickly improve your Airbnb ranking and get good reviews to become super host and stable room reservations!


What are the objectives of the course?


​The goal is to conduct in-depth case consultation and assistance with you through this systematic course, 4 weeks of training camp time and 6 months of follow-up visits, through my years of experience in home staging of real statements, and the expertise of short-term rental operations experience. I will help you identify the problems in your rental properties, and help you improve your design  step by step.

Advantages of this course

24/7 UNLIMITED access to teaching resources

Instructed by top coach Lina

Provide massive teaching resources available 

Help you step by step to improve your plan

Course tutor

Hi! I am Lina, an interior decoration designer from Norway, and I am the founder of Norway Stamp Home Staging Academy. I have been engaged in home decoration design and visual artwork creation, and I once worked in Norway's largest home textile design company,  for customer home decoration consultation, and interior visual merchandising display work. I have more than 18 years experience in art and design education in China and Europe, as well as rich experience in home staging. I have helped 1000+ homes that need to be sold or rented and upgraded the visual design, and I have gained many satisfied customers. Obtained the teacher qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of China and the Norwegian industry qualification certificate. ​My goal is to help you to create your own dream short-term rental property,  through my 15 years of expertise and experience in home staging. So that you could become an Airbnb super host expert, let your house rental business become a positive investment that will continuously increase your cash flow, or sell your house in a higher price in a short time...Anyway, I am happy to  help you with just a email distance!

Let us hear what my students say...

"Hi Lina, I just sold my apartment tonight, 2 millions deal! I'm so happy! The selling price is 20% higher than my original offer, thank you so much for your support!"

Simone Woods

"Thanks Lina, with your help, I think the sale progress of our house went very smoothly. There are five or six apartments for sale in the same building, but we are the fastest to close the deal! There are two other apartments that have been posted before us and have not been sold yet! We are very grateful for your sincere help."

Nicole Yang

"Dear Lina, under your guidance, I was rated as a Superhost by airbnb in less than a month. You are so professional. thank you very much!"

Calvin Smith

"Lina's class is practical, focused, no nonsense words. I really like the practical nature of the course, thank you!"

Suzanne Levis

Our courses only open for registration a few times a year, but we are now open for applications, so you can be prioritized on the registration waitlist and be the first to hear about course openings!

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