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"Texture of reality"

Lina L Jordan

This is a riddle book.

"What is truth?"

Abstract vs. the concrete.

Truth in images.

Textures and truth can both be said to contain layers.

The point of view depending on perspective.

Images put together to tell a story.

Layer upon layer until the truth has been found.

After all,

the truth is in the eye of the beholder.

What ́s your answer?


Risograph art photo zine

This riso art photo zine is printed by risograph MZ770e in Pamflett, Bergen, Norway in 2017. Selected for:

-Oslo photo book festival (with Pamflett) in Oslo, Norway(2017)

-Bergen Art Book Fair in Bergen Kunsthall in Norway (2017)


-Aarhus Art Book and Zine fest(ABZ), USE Academy, in Aarhus, Danmark(2017).


-It is available from the shop of

KODE2 (Art Museums in Bergen - kunstmuseer og komponisthjem) in Bergen, Norway. 

-You may also purchase it in our online store here.

Image titles are as follows:

P0. COVER-Texture of reality

P1. What is real?

P2. Riddle

P3. Delving deeply

P4. Layer upon layer

P5. Imperfect reflections

P6. Breaking through

P7. What is truth?

P8. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

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