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"Metamorphosis", according to Wikipedia, is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation. 

To me, "Metamorphosis" means reborn.

"Bevege" is a Norwegian word, definition: "move on, touch, make an emotional impression".

In this project, I try to discuss the relationship between nature and humans, time and space. It includes "Boy and insect", "Time Machine", "Butterfly effect", "Wind tunnel", "In between " FIVE parts. It seems they are separated, but closely linked from inside.

"Bevege" is about movement in space, in time and the discussion of ontological questions. The internal conditions between the causal loops of the things. As a symbol, a butterfly is used in this project. In a dynamic system, small changes in the initial conditions can lead to a chain reaction that eventually affects the entire system, a chaotic phenomenon called the "butterfly effect".

In the Eastern philosophy of "The Book of Change" (Yijing), one studies the truth of change, such as when the night grows, one season passes over to another. Everything is interconnected and in an eternal state of influence, interaction, and change. As symbolized by Ying and Yang, where two apparent opposing powers actually come together, the balance between them is in an eternal state of change, symbolized as a wave between Ying and Yang. And this balance affects everything in the universe.

Boy and insect

Acrylic painting on canvas

(Diameter 60cm)

Maybe deep inside each one of us has lived a little child. Facing the external world, are we hunters or rescuers? Let´s say in our relationship with nature, is nature a threat to us, or a comfort to us? Are we hurting nature or relying on it?

When I was looking for ideas of what to paint I couldn't help but be inspired by my boy and the amazing animal world. You know, small children, they are so innocent and full of imagination... I am always fascinated by those animals in nature that has spectacular colors and forms. 

Nature is my primary source of inspiration. I use acrylic to paint in this beetle illustration. This painting allows me to reveal the beauty I discover in small, intimate details of nature.


Insects have found uses in the art for a long history. Beetles are represented in my new art series because I was deeply attracted by the vibrant colors, detail, and pattern. I hope it will have great appeal to you who can discover the beauty in nature.

Inspired by the environment, my boy is a true explorer who grew up in the Norwegian woods and then we have spent a lot of time in the forest.  He is always fascinated by beetles and bugs. Those little friends are his best partners when the Nordic summer comes. I always feel moved when I see people and nature being able to live in a harmonious way. Just like the boy in the painting, he can lie on the back of the giant beetle and sleep so peacefully. Isn't it the basic sense of security a natural gift to us?

Boy and insect - No.1

Acrylic painting video


Boy and insect - No.1

Varnishing painting video


Boy and insect - No.2

Acrylic painting video


Boy and insect - No.2

Varnishing painting video


Butterfly effect (Installation & performance)

The butterfly effect is that even small changes in the initial conditions of chaotic systems such as the impact of a butterfly wing on the weather can lead to large variations in the long term. The installation is made of hand drawn butterflies, drawn on the sides of an old book. It was cut out 999 butterflies, the number 9 means eternity, a circle according to the East philosophy. The installation plays with light, shadow and sound of moving paper in the wind. The large multitude of butterflies symbolize chaotic systems, where everything is connected, stable and unstable forces affect each other and make such systems impossible to predict far ahead of time. A symbol that everything in the world are linked into a large system.

Wind tunnel (Installation)

A wind tunnel is an artificial room that is used to study the effect of wind moving past fixed objects. The project investigates the interaction between air movement and objects. The wind is unpredictable in strength and direction; it creates innumerable variations in movement and form.


In this project, a long piece of fabric is used to capture the wind and guide it down the sides and creates motion both in itself, and in clusters of paper butterflies. Inspired by overwintering Monarch butterflies. They move north in the spring and pull south for wintering in the fall. They overwinter by sitting in large clusters on the trees. This illustrates movement in relation to climate. The wind creates a blend of shadows, light and the sound of butterfly wings, the movements make the butterflies temporarily alive.


This installation creates a space between reality and imagination. When the audience, a solid object, is inside the wind tunnel and look at the surroundings through the textile, they get a sense of seeing a dream landscape. You are in the real world, but get a sense of the unreal.


The Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou had a dream where he became a butterfly, when he woke up, he was no longer sure if he dreamed he became a butterfly or if the butterfly dreamed it was him. This is called the transformation of things.


Descartes believed that the world is perceived through the proof that everything in the world is indirectly perceived. That means that the world around us can be real or unreal.

In between

Mixed media painting (95x95cm)

The eternal question, "Where do we come from and where are we going?". Movement is a match between time and space, the image is creating a space, with a timeless energy. Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection - the larva is life, the cocoon death, and the butterfly resurrection.

Time Machine (Interaction Project)

This project is a survey of people's self-esteem and people in their surroundings. The project was created using a series of old books from Gylendal Norwegian publishing house (Oslo, 1939). The entire series of books tell about time, place, immigration history, and nature descriptions. For example, "Hell beyond the sea" a true story of a young Danish's experiences from the French penitentiary "Devils Island" - Men in chains and cages, a description of the inhuman treatment and brutality occurring on the island. Described by Aage Krarup Nielsen. The project consists of two parts, some of which are 10 books to be converted into "time machines" book art. The other part consists of hand-drawn butterflies, cut in paper. Each side folded to a time tunnel, shaped like a circle. This series of books is a record of the past, but the butterflies say something about the future. This project depends on participation from the audience. The beauty of the project is if there is no interaction from the audience then it is unfinished. Each butterfly wing consists of two parts participants must write two sentences, one consisting of what they would say to themselves 10 years ago, the other what they want to say to themselves in 10 years. In this way, the time machine will consist of a record of the past, but also a prediction of the future. At the same time, it takes care of people's personal memories of time, place, person, feelings and events. 

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