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Hi! I'm Lina, a designer who helps you create value!

As a Norwegian visual artist and designer based in Bergen, Norway, Lina L. Jordan started her art & design studio NORWAY STAMP.


Lina is an interior decoration designer from Norway, and she is the founder of Norway Stamp Home Staging Academy. She has been engaged in home staging design and visual artwork creation, and she once worked in Norway's largest home textile design company,  for customer home decoration consultation, and interior visual merchandising display work. She has more than 18 years experience in art and design education in China and Europe, as well as rich experience in home staging. She has helped 1000+ homes that need to be sold or rented and upgraded the visual design, and she has gained many satisfied customers. Obtained the teacher qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of China and the Norwegian industry qualification certificate. ​Her goal is to help you to create your dream home or own dream short-term rental property,  through her years of expertise and experience. So that you could become an Airbnb super host expert, let your house rental business become a positive investment that will continuously increase your cash flow, or sell your house in a higher price in a short time.

Her artworks are inspired by nature, people and fairy tales. She invites you to discover her world through her illustrations, acrylic and oil creations, installation and videos. Lina was born in China, studied in France, then moved to Norway in her 20s. She has experienced many cultures around the world, and find diversity exciting. New cultures, cultures that meet and the emerging societies that arise when people move across borders.

Lina said, “I live in a mixed -cultural world, rather than asking where I come from, please consider me a citizen of the world. For me I think art is a very complex thing, like a pearl, it started with a grain of sand, then layer upon layer until it becomes a pearl.”

Inspired by many cultures, each one has left a layer of influence on her artworks. Her works have a lot of mystery stories in the Norway woods and Nordic sea and from the Chinese philosophy and fairy tales. Her works include surrealistic illusion in either bold or dreamy ways, exploring the human subconscious using visual illusions with symbolic meanings. Those details want to create a hallucinogenic realism. At this current moment, it seems only by appearing in scenes from the wonderland. Her works are soulful calls for peace, which leads the audience to think and reflect on reality.

Through a meticulous approach to her original arts, she has made a very positive impression among her collectors. Her work has been featured and collected in museums, galleries and private individuals in many countries. Like the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, Huaren Contemporary Art Museum in China, Art shark gallery in China, and Nygaarsparken in Norway, etc. In recent years, her art books and zines have been presented in many art fairs and events. Her artworks have been reported in many media and press in various countries. And her works are selected by Bergen Art Book Fair in Norway, Oslo foto festival in Norway, Design fair in Norway, and selected by BUTIKKEN ART AND BOOKS in Denmark, etc. Her works are launching at many art and design stores in various countries. Like Bergen Art Museum KODE shop, Danish design shop Illumsbolighus, University Museum of Bergen shop, The Hanseatic Museum and Bergen aquarium shop in Norway, etc. Oversea, Lina L. Jordan´s “Underwater collection” worked with VIDA in U.S.A., cooperated with the “BEN LAI” art book shop in China, etc.

Welcome on board to our exciting and memorable journey with NORWAY STAMP  STUDIO!


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