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NEW acrylic painting- Boy and insect-2 (with sub)【PAINTING TIME-LAPSE】

Hi lovelies, Today I want to share a new art quote with you that touched me deeply. Which is “Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is. By Jackson Pollock” So how are you doing? I´m Lina. If you are new to this channel, I would love to give you a warm welcome to my online art studio NORWAY STAMP and paint with me, or just...being with me. To those who already know me, I feel so pleased to meet you again here, you are like... old friends to me, speak to me through the camera. Finally, I´m getting back to work in my art studio and my creative shed. Getting started with my new routine, I love getting back to be efficient and productive in making more art. Leave a mark today! So what are your plans crucial to re-evaluate how to move forward in your artistic practice? What positive and empowering steps can you take to hit the reset button after a break? I would love to hear more, please leave some comments below.:) In today's video, I'll be sharing the progress of my latest acrylic painting ”The boy and insect- No.2”. The boy and insect is a new painting series I´ve been working on. I have created artworks of all sorts of animals but I find the insects particularly appealing. Insects are such an amazing starting point for an art project.

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►ASMR ART - Varnishing my new acrylic painting - Boy and insect 2【 ASMR VIDEO】- No talking:

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►Art therapy exercises and Lina´s original design products tutorial videos: Enjoy! See you in the next. Love and peace! Copyright by NORWAY STAMP ART STUDIO © Lina L. Jordan #painting #illustration #art # beetle #Lina L. Jordan #Norway If you find it interesting, please like it and share it. ———————————————————————————————

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