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How to draw realistic fish-Ipad procreate tutorial-Digital drawing- Fish of hope【DRAWING TIME-LAPSE】

Hi, guys! In this video, you will draw with me in my art studio NORWAY STAMP.

A lot of orange, yellow, and red in today´s work, right? Tell me if you like this kind of tone? If you are a fan of those colors, don´t miss this episode!

I digitalized and redrew my acrylic artwork "The fish of hope". In this video, I talked about my original intention to create this art and a particularly interesting story about this artwork. During the time-lapse process, I drew more details of a gorgeous fish, using a combination of traditional acrylic painting and digital drawing. If you are still hesitant to use procreate in Ipad to create digital illustrations, then this video will definitely bring you a lot of inspiration! Want to know where you can find and collect this artwork, be sure to stick to the end of this video!

Okay, I´m wondering if you create art in a traditional way, or draw with digital tools? Which method and tools do you like the most? Please let me know in the comments! Can´t wait to see what you are thinking!

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Enjoy! See you in the next. Love and peace!

Copyright by NORWAY STAMP ART STUDIO © Lina L. Jordan

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